About the Project

“Liberalism in the Americas: A Digital Library.”

The project aims to foster the study of liberalism in comparative perspective, by creating an annotated digital library of resources that speak to the development of liberal thought and praxis across the Americas. We focus attention on the areas of political culture, economic policy, the relationship between Church and State, the place of women in society, and race and ethnicity. The Liberalism in the Americas Digital Archive (LADA) will primarily focus on documents dealing with Mexico, Peru and Argentina during the period c.1780 to 1930. Please see our project websitefor more information.

Alongside the creation of this digital library we are also convening an international network of scholars, from the UK, mainland Europe, the United States, and Latin America, through a programme of public lectures, research workshops, publications, and an online research community. Among the themes that were explored in our programme of events for 2011-12 were: defining the limits of liberalism in relation to other political ideas/movements; constitutional liberalism; the effects of liberalism on church-state relations and secularisation of the public sphere; popular engagement with liberalism.

On 4-5 July 2013, we are holding a 2-day conference at the University of Leicester exploring a whole host of issues related to the study of Liberalism in the Americas and which will also launch the Digital Archive to a core contingent of its user-community. For registration and programme details see here.